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Inspiring each other to deliver outstanding service in Greater Victoria and rewarding individuals that provide service excellence.

Did someone go out of their way to help you out or make your experience outstanding? Maybe it was a restaurant server, a sales clerk, or a hotel concierge. Perhaps it was a tour guide that wowed you with historical facts, an employee at a local attraction, or that star employee that consistently provides exceptional service and positive attitude. This is your opportunity to recognize them with a Victoria Hospitality Award!


The Award!

Each monthly recipient is also honoured with The City of Victoria award. This special lapel pin bears the City’s Coat of Arms and the VHAP name. It is also inscribed with the recipient’s name and the month of the award. As a VHAP monthly recipient, your picture and story of the outstanding service you provided will be published in Black Presses community newspapers and Page One Publishing magazine.

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