Geoff Rainey – Magnolia Hotel

Geoff and Bill2

During the time of my stay for four days in November, Geoff was always at the ready to offer his assistance.  He always knew just what we needed and just what to do.  From bringing us warm apple cider, to a cup of coffee, to answering questions.  What made him remarkable was the attention we received on our last day.  I was not feeling well, having come down with aches and pains, headache and general malaise.  My friend insisted that I needed something to eat, so we went to the restaurant attached to the hotel, and were pleasantly surprised to discover Geoff on duty.  As I was sick, I had no appetite for what was offered on the menu.  Geoff arranged that something light and to my liking be prepared for me.  It would have been easy for him to say “No, it’s impossible”, but he went out of his way to ensure that I was comfortable and had what I needed.  He was the most professional, polite and pleasant person I have met in a long time in the service industry.  It is the small things that make a difference, and the individual attention that we receive that we remember.  All the staff at the Magnolia Hotel and Catalano Restaurant were were most helpful, but Geoff was outstanding.
I heartily nominate him for a Hospitality Award!

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