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I had a reservation with Avis for a mid-size car (Ford Escape or similar) to be picked up from
Victoria Airport on Vancouver Island. The reason for the pick-up location was because I booked via the Avis web-site and after selecting the category of car, this was the only pick-up location offered.
I subsequently found out that there was an Avis office in downtownVictoria at 1001 Douglas St. but this car did not seem to be offered at that location on the web-site.
Since my plans were to stay at a hotel a few minutes away from the office on Douglas St, I sent an enquiry to see whether I could pick up a Ford Escape (or similar) from the Douglas
Although someone wrote back and confirmed that a car of the same group was available from downtown Victoria, there was a disjoint between the information provided by e-mail and the direction provided by Customer services when I phoned. There was no way of changing the booking either by phone or by e-mail.
This resulted in confusion and frustration as well as monetary costs e.g. international phone calls.
After all the frustration and confusion of being passed from pillar to post through dealing with Avis’ customer services over the phone and via e-mail (as noted above), whilst still in the UK, I thought I’d just give the Avis office in Douglas street a ring and see if something could be arranged.  Richard was the gentleman who answered the phone and, after checking his system, he confirmed that a standard size SUV was available for the dates of my booking.  I met Richard on the morning of the day I was due to pick up the car, just to be certain that everything was in order. This saved me a 90 min bus ride to Victoria Airport just to pick up the car.  Richard was a very courteous and helpful chap and from the few minutes that I spent in the office on Douglas St., I met a few other people who deal with him on a regular basis and he is highly regarded.
In one breath, Richard managed to cut through all the red tape laid out by the Avis ‘system’ and this was of enormous help to myself and my wife. This meant that we didn’t have to carry our luggage all the way to the airport to pick up the car. He arranged for the car, ensured that we knew where we were heading and provided advice on driving to our intended excursion sites around Vancouver Island to ensure that we got about safely. Richard is an asset to Avis and to tourism in Victoria and Vancouver Island and I wanted to put in a special mention for him. Kind regards Donny Ming

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