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Our July winner was Alan Hall with Cycle BC.  His nomination came to us from Roxanne Smillie of the Tourism Victoria Visitor Centre, who recounted the following story from a phone call with Janice Quinn of Phoenix, Arizona:

I received a phone call from an 86 year old Janice Quinn from Phoenix.  In our conversation she explained about the excellent service and kindness she received from Alan.  One day during her stay Janice decided to walk around the downtown area.  Following a long walk along the Songhees walkway she became very weak.  Eventually, she was able to make her way to the corner of Douglas and Humboldt streets.  Noticing she had difficultly walking, Alan sat her down and after a rest he assisted her to the front of the Fairmont Empress to the bus.  Janice found out later that she had been severely dehydrated and she believes that Alan just might have saved her life.

I spoke with Alan afterwards and he played down his role in helping this woman and was very humble in his response about his actions.

I was so touched by Janice’s story that I just had to nominate this very worthy candidate, Alan Hall.

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