Andre Almeida & Curtis Cox

Empress VicPD2

Both Andre and Curtis were nominated by the Director of Marketing for the Fairmont Empress Hotel.  In a nutshell, here is what Angela had to say regarding the assistance both Andre and Curtis offered to a very disoriented lady:

City of Victoria Police Officer Andre Almeida used his personal air miles to purchase an airline ticket to reunite a disoriented and lost cruise ship passenger with her family.  The confused lady had missed her cruise ship sailing from Victoria.  After searching for the 65 year old lady for hours, he was able to locate her and ensure her safety and safe return to her home and family.  This officer went well above and beyond the call of duty!!!

Adding to this story, Angela added the following regarding the involvement of Curtis Cox:

Thank you Curtis for helping to assist a lost lady make her way home.  Your kindness helped her find her way despite being thousands of miles from home and quite disoriented when she missed her cruise ship sailing.  I understand you were off duty and dining at the Fairmont Empress when you recognized the lost soul quickly.  Thank you for rising to the occasion even when off duty!



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