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Barbie Zip

The amazing ballot nominating Barbie came to us from Brianne Reda, Assistant Terminal Manager.  Here is the story of what Barbie did on Friday, April 18to assist passenger Ruth Walz

Brianne wrote:   I’ve been in the Hospitality Industry for 17 years and have never seen anyone go above and beyond like my Reservation Agent Barbie Zipp. She went out of her way after work and cared and bought clothing for this passenger, you don’t find people like Barbie anymore I was truly touched after reading her follow up statement!

And here is Barbie’s statement:  I heard, over the radio, that a female fainted and was getting off the vessel. By the time Ms. Walz was brought by wheelchair to the upper lobby she began to vomit and her daughter Emily escorted her to the bathroom. While Ms. Walz was in the bathroom Emily said her mother has a heart condition and asked if we could call an ambulance. At 18:10 I got the cordless phone placed the 911 call and got gloves, pen and paper then reported to the bathroom. I identified myself as the first aid attendant on duty and asked if I could assist. Ms. Walz said yes. I reported to the 911 operator the location, Ms. Walz, who has a heart condition (and has had a double by-pass and is being medicated for high blood pressure, had fainted, regained consciousness and then was moved from the vessel to the building by wheelchair, where currently she was in the bathroom suffering from simultaneous vomiting and diarrhea. The 911 operator asked if we had a portable AED (automated external defibrillator) to go and get it, and should Ms.Walz faint again to put her in the recovery position until the paramedics arrive. I asked for the ticket counter staff to move to the back office to afford Ms. Walz privacy, Brianne had the front door open and ready for the paramedics. I assisted Ms. Walz off the toilet with Emily and into her the wheelchair. I noticed Ms. Walz’s skin colour was very pale and grey. Her breathing was normal. I asked if I could make a list of her medications so we would have it ready for the paramedics. 18:29 Paramedics arrived – they asked for my report, I listed the medications asked Ms. Walz if I had missed anything and provided sequence of events (see above). While the paramedics attended to Ms. Walz I asked Emily if I could notify any family that Ms. Walz was being transported to the Royal Jubilee Hospital. Emily provided her father’s name and number. I gave Emily my cell phone number and the phone number for the Chateau Victoria (they had stayed at the Empress, but the Empress had a long hold time and Marla at the Chateau Victoria offered an Emergency rate of 109.00). Follow Up Statement: After work I went to the store to get fresh undergarments, socks, jogging suit and top for Ms. Walz. Her clothing was soiled, I knew that the Hospital would only issue a gown and it was too late for laundry service at any hotel. I went to drop off the clothing at RJH Emergency; the nurse said I could take directly to the patient. I saw Ms. Walz at 21:00 hours, her colour was much better and the nurse reported that she had yet to see a doctor. Ms. Walz asked if there was a flight direct to Seattle. I gave Emily the phone number for Alaska/Horizon Air and the two flight times that would connect with their flight to California. I informed them that their luggage would need to be shipped to them, and if they provided a credit card they would pay for the shipping and we would sent out the bags. Emily said she would see how they were doing in the morning, if they chose to take a flight she would call me. Emily told me she got a room at the Empress. I asked if they had a room booked for Seattle, they were scheduled to stay at the ‘W’. I told her that I would call the ‘W’ to inform of the situation and ask to cancel. Upon my return home I called the ‘W’ Hotel in Seattle and was told the room was booked through Expedia, so left voice mail for the accounts manager that the clients had not checked in due to medical emergency. I then called the Empress to make sure the guests were given ‘emergency’ toiletries kit. Leah said she would have a couple prepared for their arrival. April 19, 2014 Emily called me to say they had taken a flight from Victoria to Seattle and provided a credit card number for the shipping of their luggage – did not have a price to quote her at the time, but she said send it by ground service and we were authorized to take payment. I told Emily that the ‘W’ Hotel was booked by Expedia and that I left a voice mail for the account manager, but she may want to follow up on that. Ms. Walz got on the phone to extend her thanks to all the Clipper Staff for helping her.

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