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I’m visiting Victoria from Newfoundland to get my daughter settled away at UVic. I did the CVS city tour on Tuesday and the Butchart Gardens tour with my daughter yesterday; both were spectacular!

This morning I decided to walk to the top of Mount Tolmie.  I’m staying at an Airbnb at the base of the mountain.  Then I walked to UVic to meet my daughter. When I got there I discovered I had lost my wallet.  I went back to Mount Tolmie, but it was not there. Searched the apartment, not there either.  Called and cancelled my cards, called the police in case someone turned it in, and then continued to be sad and mopey and stupid.  About an hour later I got a call from my sister-in-law back in Newfoundland – a tour guide had found my wallet and was trying to return it to me.  He had actually called Visa and then the only two Brinsons in Corner Brook to find me. When I called him back he brought it to me, all the cash and cards were there. He said one of his passengers found it on the mountain this morning and turned it in to him. He said normally he would just put it in the lost and found but he was afraid I was a cruise ship passenger and would be needing it fast!  As it turns out, I’m not a cruise ship passenger but I’m heading home to Newfoundland tomorrow so I was extremely happy to get it back!  He refused a cash reward. I just wanted to let you know how impressed I am with your organization and your staff. CVS Tour Guide Brian Coleman has restored my faith in humanity; he is a truly decent human being!!

Thank you all, especially Brian, soooooo much!!

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