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Our committee chose Chelsea Shier as our June winner and the ballot came to us from Carole Sturm.  Here’s the story:

I would like to nominate Chelsea for the outstanding customer service she provides to all our guests on a daily basis.  Chelsea has been with Harbour Air for 5 years and has been a dedicated team member since day one.  She has a positive attitude and kindness that area reflected in her work and the way she interacts with guests.  She takes pride in her job and does not hesitate to go above and beyond the call of duty.  Her friendliness, professionalism and efficiency has not gone unnoticed by our guests, as shown in this recent letter sent to our Vice President, Randy Wright from Scott Ross, CEO TP Systems Ltd.

“Hello Randy,

I walked into a crowded Victoria terminal two weeks ago when we had a couple of foggy mornings.  Chelsea Shier was talking to two women at the check-in counter (a woman from the UK and her Victoria friend).  The UK woman was distressed as she needed to connect to a flight to London (returning home).  Chelsea arranged a flight from the airport for her and the Victoria lady was going to drive her there so she would make the flight.  They were about to leave when the Victoria woman said it would not work as she had no money for parking.  I learned later from Chelsea that the Victoria woman had lost her wallet the day before.  Chelsea immediately pulled out $10 (I believe it was her own money) and handed it to the woman so she could drive her friend to the airport.  It was a great act of problem solving and generosity.

Chelsea is a very positive force behind the counter and a pleasure to deal with. Flying frequently on Harbour Air, I can say that all your employees provide exceptional customer service and they all treat me very well.

This was a specific example that I thought you should be aware of.

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