Cynthia Chambers – Roberta’s Hats

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Cynthia was nominated by visitor Michele Stashuk of Washington, BC.  who wrote:


“This note of praise and nomination are for Cynthia Chambers of Roberta’s Hats.  On Wed. Dec. 23 I entered a very crowded and bustling store.  Immediately we were greeted and welcomed.  Cynthia noticed my interest and enthusiasm and approached wearing a huge smile.  Without any obvious acknowledgement of my two walking sticks, she guided us through the store acting like a benevolent traffic monitor allowing me easy access to my perfect hat.  Further, she facilitate the mailing of the hat to the U.S. which, in itself, is a gift as someone will have to wait in a Canada Post line.  Her kindness extended to calling us a cab, insisting they call up to the front of the store.  She then walked us outside, again graciously shadowing my tentative steps.  When the taxi paused across the street she gestured in a manner any New

Yorker would be proud of!  Needless to say, the cabbie u-turned and I was transported away from a very lovely and humbling experience.  Humbled because I live in a place where the social fabric is torn and we don’t have time to see each other gently anymore.  So I nominate Cynthia because she represents the best of Victoria and also because she is the embodiment of why Canadians ae held in such fond esteem throughout the world.

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