Elizabeth Init – Marriott Victoria Inner Harbour

Elizabeth Init 2

Elizabeth Init was unanimously chosen as our May winner from the Victoria Marriott Inner Harbour Hotel.  Her nomination came to us from April-Dawn Best who wrote:

On Friday, May 4th the Victoria Marriott experienced a surprise audit/inspection from the Marriott International Auditor. During this audit the auditor inspects the entire hotel in the areas of upkeep, cleanliness, brand standards, amenities and associate (employee) interaction with guests.  The audit takes 20 hours in total.

Three vacant-ready guestrooms are audited and most importantly, bathrooms are THOROUGHLY inspected.  The auditor spent an unusually long amount of time inspecting the bathroom in room 705.  We were curious as to why and were very pleased and proud when we found out the reason.

This auditor has inspected bathrooms for 2 years.  He audits 4 hotels a week and 3 bathrooms a day for about 50 weeks a year.  This means about 1,200 inspections. Room 705 of our Victoria Marriott Inner Harbour was and currently still is his FIRST PERFECT bathroom!

This perfection is all due to Elizabeth Init, Housekeeper extra-ordinaire!

And why is this deserving of the Victoria Hospitality Award?  It is because behind the scenes, and without any of us knowing – Elizabeth quietly provides Victoria Marriott visitors with the cleanest bathrooms in Marriott North America!



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