Evan Hunter – Harbour Air Seaplanes

“To whom it may concern, I would like to take this opportunity on behalf of my wife Jo and myself, to say a massive THANK YOU to Mike and his staff, and in particular Evan Hunter, for their efforts in dealing with the mishap at the Victoria seaplane airport yesterday (Monday January 23rd) involving our son Thomas who lost his footing boarding the plane back to Vancouver. If it wasn’t for Evan’s quick thinking/reflexes we might not have had Thomas with us today….!!! Mike and his staff were nothing short of tremendous throughout the ordeal and nothing was too much trouble. I would like to make mention of and thank the efforts also by the BC Fire Service of Victoria, and the gentleman who arrived from the Ambulance service to assess Thomas’ injuries. As Thomas suffers from a rare uncontrolled form of nocturnal epilepsy and he needs his meds (which were back on the mainland) we asked that we take Thomas to St Paul’s on arriving back to Vancouver and have him assessed.

The paramedics agreed and Mike arranged for a wheelchair to be ready along with the HA shuttle bus to take us directly to St Paul’s. Tom had x-rays and we are pleased to report that there were no broken bones, just a bad sprain. Once again, from the bottom of our hearts THANK YOU to Harbour Air for their compassion and utmost professionalism during this time and as far as we are concerned Evan and Mike deserve pay rises…..lol. Sincerely and forever grateful, Ian and Jo Urquhart (and Thomas) PS: If someone could get back to us with a charity or community group that Harbour Air support we would like to make a donation on your behalf as Mike and his team would not accept any recompense for apparel that was provided for Thomas nor did they charge us to get us back on the last flight of the day.” Ian Urquhart – Adelaide, South Australia


Evan, your quick response may very well have saved a life!

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