Gerry Laing – Strathcona Hotel

VHAP winner Gerry Laing

Gerry Laing’s nomination came to us from the Strathcona Hotel’s owner, Grant Olson and this is what Grant wrote to us:

Gerry Laing has been an employee of the Strathcona Hotel for 46 years.  A majority of his employment has been as “THE” bartender in BIG BAD JOHN’S Hillbilly Bar.  This is a fantastic venue for tourists that love Gerry’s antics (playing musical bottles, dropping spiders and snakes, and his hilarious sense of humour).  Gerry and Big Bad John’s are known all over the world.  Many patrons leave their mark in BBJ’s such as a photo, or signed dollar bills.

Gerry is retiring on his birthday, July 13, 2015.  I would really like to see Gerry honoured for his many years of great memorable service.

The VHAP committee unanimously and wholeheartedly agreed!

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