Gilles Proulx – Ascot Limousines

Gilles Proulx wins VHAP April 2016

I contacted Ascot Limousine via email after seeing them on in hopes of a nice ride to Butchart Gardens where I intended to propose.  Gilles promptly called me back confirming that he was available on short notice for the weekend.  He also said he could provide a nice tour of Victoria on our way there.  He was very excited to help me create a special experience.  He also promised to pick up some champagne which would be available after the proposal!

He arrived on time in front of the Magnolia and my girlfriend thought it was a diplomat’s car before realizing it was our ride.  Gilles gave a splendid tour of Victoria, going to specific locations and telling stories of love and romance tied to the area (my girlfriend had no idea what was going on).  Gilles is incredibly knowledgeable of historic Victoria and seems very active in the community.  I would go so far as to say he deserves to be considered a “Steward of Victoria” for his efforts to help preserve historic sites and for his clear passion for the beautiful city.  He certainly helped us to fall in love with it on our first visit and went above and beyond in his effort to create a special romantic event for us.

We finally arrived at Butchart Gardens with plenty of time to walk through.  I was able to find a nice quiet spot to make my proposal.  SHE SAID YES! And shortly after asked if Gilles was in on it.  I said “No” because I didn’t want to spoil the upcoming champagne toast.  She figured it out on her own and was overwhelmed by how great everything came together for us.  Gilles truly deserves a hospitality award for his significant contribution to our love story that day.  We intend to contact Gilles again when we return to Victoria and look forward to his generous spirit and jovial demeanor.

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