Jay Stefanis – Inn at Laurel Point

Jay Stephanis

September’s winner is Jay Stefanis from Aura at the Inn at Laurel Point and here is what Donald Wright wrote to us:

My name is Donald Wright and I am currently sitting in Room 259 of the Inn at Laurel Point.  I wanted to take a moment to relay to you my experience with Jay from Aura:

My significant other and I stopped by Aura for a drink after walking around Victoria for several hours.  Jay introduced himself as our waiter and was very outgoing and easy to speak with.  He was very accommodating when it came to modifications to our drinks and was very attentive during our afternoon “pit stop”.

What made our experience here even more exceptional was his attention to detail regarding our order and his effort in going out of his way to make sure that we really enjoyed the best of what this hotel has to offer and also what Victoria has to offer.  Allow me to elaborate.  My significant other has a taste for sweets – pastries to be specific.  Before returning to our room, she casually asked him for recommendations regarding local bakeries that would suit her taste buds.  Not only did Jay offer options from his own experience, but he also solicited options and opinions from the restaurant staff and the pastry chef.  To take his dedication up another notch, he personally delivered his list to our room and briefed us on each of the individual places and their specialities.  His dedication impressed my girlfriend and me tremendously.

I find this type of service so rare that it prompted me to take the time to pen this letter to you.  He is not only an exceptional waiter, but he is also a rare asses to this establishment.  I hope you will take the time, energy and make the effort to recognize his can-do attitude and his dedication to his job.  What a rarity!

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