Josh Wilhelm – Bubby’s Kitchen


Our second winner for 2013 is Josh Wilhelm of Bubby’s Kitchen in the Cook St. Village. The ballot nominating Stephen came to us from James Steele of Victoria who wrote to us with this marvelous story:

I foolishly thought I didn’t need a reservations for this popular dining spot and three of us arrived to find it full and jumping.  However, Josh (who it turns out is the Chef) saw us and quickly found us three comfortable seats, brought some drinks and appetizers which made waiting a most pleasant experience.  He was a very busy man but we got the impression he considered us to be his most important customers.  When it came time to eat, he personally came to the table, gave us some free wine to thank us for our patience while waiting for the table and helped me to find the best dish in the house (his macerated Bison Osso Buco).  The meal was brilliant in every way and Josh personally came and checked in with us to ask how we were doing.  We felt like royalty all the way and I don’t know how he did it and kept everyone else happy.  His team are clearly well organized and happy thanks to his dynamic leadership.  He turned what could have been a disappointing evening into a great one that we will remember for a long time!  My family and I would like Josh to know how much we appreciated his superb hospitality.


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