Kelly Ransome – Capital City Station

VHAP winner Kelly Ransome

I met Kelly when I arrived at YYJ. I’m a young girl and did not know one person in Canada. I’m here to go to Royal Roads University. When I arrived I was to meet a homestay woman for temporary housing until I found permanent housing around the university. It was arranged from India for her to meet me at YYJ. I waited but saw no one. I went to the shuttle desk and told Kelly what had happened and she told me I could use the phone to try to reach her. I called so many times but she didn’t answer me.  I called my parents in India and my mother was so scared and worried for me.  I felt like all of my hope for a better life was gone and I was so scared because I did not know anyone and had nowhere to go.  Kelly was so nice to me and made me feel like I had hope again. She tried to reach the housing department at Royal Roads but it was Sunday and everyone had gone home. She did not give up trying to help me and went out of her way calling all these places to try and find me a safe place

to stay. She said that if she could not find a place for me that I could spend the night at her home and she would take me for my orientation in the morning at Royal Roads. I felt safe with Kelly and could see she was doing more than she had to do ever to help me. I knew that she would take care of me and not let anything happen. She had called and left a few messages with security at Royal Roads. It was getting late and I was anxious to know what was going to happen. The phone rang and it was security. They told Kelly that I could stay at the emergency housing on the campus until I could talk to someone about permanent housing. She offered to drive me there after her work day was over at 11pm.  Security from the university said that they had a contract with a taxi and I could go right away. Kelly stayed with me the whole time and even helped take my luggage to the taxi. She gave me a big hug good-bye and told me if I needed her to call her at any time.   I have never met anyone like her.  She was so happy to help and so kind. I am so glad I met her that night. She saved me. I will love her forever for her help. All she wanted was for me to be OK.  Thank-you Kelly, you are an angel to me.


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