Kelsey Linning – Harbour Air Seaplanes

Kelsey Linning VHAP winner

Although this amazing example of service did not affect any visitors directly, it shows how Kelsey helps make Victoria a better place for the local community and in turn, visitors. After the Victoria terminal holiday potluck, Kelsey organised the staff to divide up the leftover food into packages that could be given out to homeless people around downtown Victoria. She also coordinated all of the staff to donate warm clothing that could be distributed along with the food. Every year around the holidays, Kelsey takes the initiative to inspire her coworkers to get together and do a small fundraising effort. Her ability to use her leadership skills and team spirit to do good for those in the community who are less fortunate is admirable, and as such is deserving of this nomination.


What a wonderful and heartwarming story.  Thank-you Kelsey!

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