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Kyle has worked for us for a few years and right off the bat his friendly nature, big heart, and awesome attitude took us all by storm.  In the last week I received two stories about Kyle that just show how he shines.

The first was about a woman and two small children who were walking to their room when one child was preoccupied and bumped into a wall. Tears and screaming ensued.  Kyle sees this and rushes off to grab two of our Accent Inns ducks.  He quickly hands the ducks over and soon both children are smiling.

That same week, an elderly woman was walking to her room with a few breakfast items, when Kyle spotted her struggling with them.  He popped into a close by unoccupied room, grabbed a tray for her to use and helped her get her goodies back to her husband in her room.   She was so pleased with the kindness and caring attitude of Kyle.

And we all are at Accent Inns!  Kyle never hesitates to help out, even when it’s not his department.  He’ll be out there in the pouring rain stringing up lights for our Truck Parade entry.  Smiling and waving to guests no matter where he is on the property.  Helping the housekeepers on a busy day and making sure he finds little ways to go above and beyond with the customers. 

Kyle is such a gem and we love him to bits.  The maintenance department is often our unsung heros’ department as that is where you will find the ones working in the background to make sure our properties are looking new and well maintained.  We’d be nothing without them. 

I very much hope you consider Kyle Proulx for this award.

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