Leah Kusmuk – Prince of Whales Whale Watching


I wanted to talk to you regarding a nomination for the Victoria Hospitality Award. Recently, our Ocean Magic Cruiser that departs from Vancouver broke down and all our guests on board were therefore not able to complete the usual tour itinerary and we had to find other arrangements for each of these guests.

Two guests in particular were quite inconvenienced; they were here visiting from the UK with the hopes of seeing the Butchart Gardens and whales – both of which we suddenly told them was no longer an option. They were leaving the following day to go up island, so this day was the only day they could go. Leah Kuzmuk was the reservationist that was speaking with them and they expressed the need for a rental car. Even though they did not specifically ask Leah to help with that process, she went above and beyond her regular job description and spent the better part of an hour calling numerous car rental companies to find the best deal for this group. In the end, Leah booked them a rental car and re-booked them on one of our other tours that was departing later that afternoon. She managed to do this all despite the mayhem in the office due to the cancelled trips and all the while remaining calm and with a smile on her face. The following day these guests came out of their way into our office to drop off a thank-you note for Leah.

This “above and beyond” behaviour is not uncharacteristic of Leah, she constantly stands out to me as an employee who is not only willing to go the extra mile, but is happy to do so. Her initiative, ambition and enthusiasm show me that she is a perfect candidate for a Victoria Hospitality Award. I have attached the letter sent by these guests in this email for your viewing. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me.


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