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For years, Linda has worked for us and for years I have had guests write to me telling me stories about the wonderful woman named Linda on our front desk.  She’s been described as the most marvelous human being on this planet by several different sources and the reason is her completely selfless nature and drive to serve, no matter who it is. Countless times she has given her lunch to people who have arrived late and the restaurant has been closed (she works evenings).  She is one of those big hearted people who is constantly thinking of others, anticipating needs whether it be a guests or a co-worker.  If someone is off sick at work, she calls to check in with them, sends them home with soup, baked goods and drops a card in the mail.  She often brings in homemade treats and chocolates to the hotel and also our head office.  She is the most thoughtful woman I’ve ever met.  However, it was the night of the fire that I saw Linda shine in a truly exceptional way.  She kept her calm as she evacuated guests to our front lawn in the wee hours of the morning, then madly searched for new accommodation for them while making light remarks and the occasional jokes even though she was feeling the stress.  She had the foresight to give guests an emergency kit of toothbrush, toothpaste, razor…etc. and probably would have given the shirt off her back to any of the evacuees.  When the fire settled down Linda had worked through the night, with no thought as to when her shift ended or started.  She just knew she had a job to do and wouldn’t go home until everything was taken care of.   I was in awe as I watched her deliver exceptional service to these panicked guests all while knowing Linda was under extreme stress herself.  Please consider Linda for an award, never in my career have I seen a more deserving applicant.


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