Lisa Brideson – Inn at Laurel Point


The hotel received a panicked Lost and Found inquiry for a missing “Puppy Stuffy” that a young Guest, Elizabeth, had misplaced.  The stuffed puppy had significant sentimental value as she’s had it for 10 years and was devastated when she was unable to locate him.  When found by the hotel, Lisa wanted to ensure Elizabeth that her “Puppy” was in safe keeping and enjoying it’s time while waiting to be returned home.  Lisa took the time to take photos of her “Puppy” helping housekeeping operations, greeting guests, helping out one of the hotel chefs and finally having breakfast and winding down in a room as he awaited for his “ride” home. Once the photos were sent to Elizabeth to reassure her that her puppy was ok and being a great help around the hotel we received the following email from our Guest:

“This made me cry…. there are no words.

Wow. And thank you, thank you, thank  you for taking such good care of our little buddy. Looks like he had so much fun that he may not want to come home! Thank you so much. This is beyond special.”

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