Nicky Nonis – Oak Bay Beach Hotel

Nicky Nonis

“This morning a Mr. and Mrs. Mark and Jana Voth asked for their car from valet.  When I brought it up Ms. Voth looked like she had seen a ghost; she was standing with an open mouth.  I was worried that I had brought up the wrong car.”

She said to me that the car was filthy when they arrived last night and now it was shiny clean, so clean that she couldn’t believe it.  I opened the door for her and she almost fell over as the interior had been vacuumed as well!

This was thanks to Nicky Nonis who washed and vacuumed the vehicle while experiencing a very quiet shift on the bell desk and decided, without any instruction from supervisors or management, to make the guests their “day” by taking their car into the parking garage and completely washing and vacuuming it. They were “WOWED” by his gesture and called to thank me for the amazing service they had received.

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