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Patricia Chalmers7

Whilst training a new colleague in one of our guestrooms, Patricia noticed that the guest had left behind a large paper shopping bag that seemed, at first glance, to contain items destined for the recycling bin.  Just to be certain, Patricia decided to take the extra step to rummage through the large bag in case there was anything in the bag that may have been left behind.  This was a great training opportunity for our new hire!  As luck may have it, there happened to be an old elementary school class photograph amongst the discarded items in the bag. On the photograph, a young girl’s face was circled, and there was a note on the photograph saying, “Aren’t you cute!”. Patricia immediately thought that the photograph may have been inadvertently placed in the bag.  She said to the trainee, “There is no way I can throw out this photograph”, as it seemed to hold personal value.  As such, she took the photograph out of the bag and took it to the housekeeping office to be placed in the lost & found for follow up later that day. That night, as Patricia was finishing closing duties in housekeeping, she answered a phone call from a guest who had checked out that same day.  The guest asked Patricia if anyone had found an old photograph, as she thought she may have thrown it out by mistake.  Patricia immediately eased the guest’s concerns by letting her know that she had, in fact, found the photograph.  The guest was beyond thrilled and thanked Patricia profusely.  Three days later, Patricia received a thank-you card from this guest. The card read:

“Dear Patricia, You saved the day!  Thanks so much having the foresight to put this precious photo aside.  I am sure most housekeeping staff would just toss it.  I hope your trainee took note.  All the best, room 342”.


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