Paul Rich – Fairmont Empress Hotel


I am writing to nominate Mr. Paul Rich of the Fairmont Empress for the Victoria Hospitality Award.

 Mr. Rich recently saved the life of tourist visiting from Australia. During a private tour breakfast, a lady began to choke on her food and became unable to breathe. Mr. Rich quickly identified the risk of this situation and immediately stepped in to assist. Mr. Rich performed the Heimlich maneuver, the food dislodged from the woman’s throat, and she began to breathe normally again. As he helped the woman back to her seat, Mr. Rich calmly directed fellow colleagues to assist in ensuring she was comfortable following the frightening experience.

 As a witness to this event, I saw that Mr. Rich was swift to action, calm in his demeanour, definite in his actions, and gentle with the lady’s emotional state. Because of his quick and appropriate action, the lady was able to go on with her day and enjoy her time visiting Victoria’s many tourism attractions.

 While this is one discrete example, Mr. Rich consistently demonstrates his dedication to the guest experience through his tenure at the Fairmont Empress. He goes above and beyond to ensure each guest has a memorable time in Victoria – from offering dining recommendations to sharing notes on “local spots” that are not to be missed while visiting the island. Beyond this, Mr. Rich demonstrates equal care of and commitment to his colleagues through his genuine personality and exceptional teamwork behaviour.

 For these reasons I strongly support Mr. Rich’s nomination for the Victoria Hospitality Awards

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Committee Representative for Tourism Victoria