Terry Darling – Safeway


Our February winner was nominated by Laura and David Smithson.  Laura contacted us with the following story:

Terri is an outgoing, personable and friendly person who greets you at the University Heights Mall Safeway Customer Service Desk.  We have been shopping there for over six years and have witnessed her perform many random acts of kindness to locals, visitors and seniors.  She takes time on her lunch breaks to help customers find things, she helps elderly people with their packages and goes out of her way to make international students feel welcome by providing them with destination information etc.  One particular incident that Terri needs to be recognized for occurred recently.  My husband and I were purchasing groceries after a long fundraising event and our debit card would not work.  We opted to pay cash but did not have enough.  She could see that we were purchasing lunch items for the following day.  Instead of asking us to put things back, she used her personal credit card to pay for the difference we were short.  This was an extraordinarily generous act and one we feel should be recognized.


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