Trudy Doherty – Homestay Mom

Trudy Doherty1

This nomination came to us from Sharon Field, friend and neighbour to Trudy Doherty.

 My neighbour, Trudy Doherty, has been actively involved in “home-stays” for over 19 years.  The students all feel that she is the best “second Mom” they could have.  She is so attentive to their needs and wants them to succeed, and is always concerned about their safety.  Trudy will take them into parts of Victoria that they would not otherwise experience and she explains everything to them with admired patience.  Trudy lavishes great Canadian home cooking on “her girls” while still encouraging them to show off their expertise in Japanese cuisine.  When Trudy goes out to dinner with her friends, she will always invite her home-stay, and pay their way, so that they can benefit from our Canadian hospitality as well as be in an atmosphere of learning to speak our language.  Her home-stays, and their parents, will often send Trudy Mother’s Day and birthday gifts to show their appreciation.  No one is forgotten at Christmas and Trudy ensures that there are plenty of gifts for her girls.  As she explained it to me once, “This is not a business; this is my family – and I would do anything for them” 

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