Valerie Peters and David Gilmour – Ogden Point Commissionaires


On September 15, the ISLAND PRINCESS left behind one passenger.  The passenger, Winnie Ho, had become confused about the timing of the shuttle buses from downtown back to OP, and eventually walked back to the terminal, arriving about 45 minutes after the ship departed. I had returned to our office by then.  Keith called me and asked that I come back to OP to assist Winnie, who was visibly upset.

I returned to OP and was able to reassure her and help her book a flight back to San Francisco leaving the next day.  I could tell from our conversation that money might have been a little tight, as she was wishing to find the cheapest flight back to S.F.  We eventually found one that cost under $200 USD.

Upon hearing Winnie’s story, Security Staff member Val Peters generously offered to let Winnie stay with her that night, and also treated her to dinner.  To top it off, another staff member, David, offered to drive Winnie to the airport the following morning, which meant picking her up at Val’s at 4 AM!  The generosity and kindness of Val and David were very much appreciated by Winnie, as well as by us at King Bros.  Both deserve a big pat on the back.  I subsequently passed this story on to Mary-Ann Isinger, Holland America Group Manager of Port Operations for Western Canada.  She responded very quickly with her thanks to Val and David for their kindness.

This provides a good opportunity for me, on behalf of King Bros., to express our thanks to all of this year’s OP Security Staff.  K.R., Wil and I all agree this year’s staff has performed exceptionally well.  I would like to especially thank Keith for his leadership in that regard. 

He has created a positive atmosphere this year that is reflected by all of the staff.  September 15 was a great example of this.

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